Settlement Agreement in Tagalog

Settlement Agreement in Tagalog

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A Settlement Agreement, also known as a Compromise Agreement, is a legally binding contract between two parties who have mutually agreed to resolve a dispute or disagreement. It is a written agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the settlement, including the agreed-upon resolution, payment, and any other relevant details.

If you are a Tagalog speaker and need to draft a Settlement Agreement, it is crucial to understand the terms and language commonly used in the document. Here are some important phrases and their Tagalog translations that you might encounter while creating a Settlement Agreement:

– Compromise Agreement – Kasunduan sa Pagpapahinuhod

– Parties – Mga panig

– Dispute – Alitan

– Agreement – Kasunduan

– Resolution – Solusyon

– Payment – Bayad

– Terms and Conditions – Mga tuntunin at kondisyon

– Breach – Pagsuway

– Final and Binding – Huling at Nakakabitin

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– Kasunduan sa Pagpapahinuhod

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– Kasunduan sa pagkakasundo

– Solusyon sa alitan

– Bayad sa settlement

In conclusion, knowing the necessary phrases and terminologies in Tagalog Settlement Agreements is crucial in drafting a legally binding and effective document. Incorporating relevant SEO keywords can also help boost your article`s visibility online. Always remember to seek legal advice and assistance when creating a Settlement Agreement to ensure that all terms and conditions are properly addressed and agreed upon by both parties.